UCLAUCLA Center for Maximizing Outcomes
and Research on Effectiveness

Psychometric Group

The C-MORE Psychometric Group (C-MORE-PG) is a team of expert psychometricians and programmers including Steve Reise, Ron Hays, and Karen Spritzer.

The mission of C-MORE-PG is to enhance understanding and use of high quality psychometric analyses of patient-reported outcome and health services survey research data. Grant development services and analyses of data are available.  Input on survey design is available from the C-MORE Survey Group (http://cmore.med.ucla.edu/SRG/).  The C-MORE-PG provides consultation on selection of patient-reported outcome measures, analyses to evaluate multi-item scales (classical and item response theory methods), and psychometric computer programming (SAS, STATA, IRTPRO, EQS-IRT, LAVAAN, FlexMIRT).

We provide 30 minutes of free consulting for any UCLA faculty or student.  Estimated costs for more extensive consultation are available upon request.  

Please contact drhays@ucla.edu (310-794-2294) to schedule a phone or in-person appointment at 1100 Glendon Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024.