UCLAUCLA Center for Maximizing Outcomes
and Research on Effectiveness

Though there are many disparate voices in the current national health care debate, no one can dispute the need to address the escalating costs of medicine. The United States spends more on health care than any other country in the world, yet our actual health outcomes have fallen behind those of many less wealthy nations. A successful future for health care in America will require careful and thoughtful analysis of the methodologies we apply to diagnosis and treatment, with an eye toward simultaneously reducing costs and improving results. The mission of C-MORE is to improve patient and community outcomes and reduce health care costs in the United States by comparing different treatments and interventions using state-of-the-science evaluation methods.  To this end, C-MORE will employ the knowledge and experience of academic leaders and health care providers, combined with extensive input from patient communities in the Los Angeles area.

Our process will entail identifying the efficiency, estimating the expense, and evaluating the cost-effectiveness of different diagnostic and treatment options and facilitating the adoption of the best options by health care providers and organizations in clinical practice.

Participating faculty from the UCLA Department of Medicine, UCLA Schools of Nursing and Public Health, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, and the RAND Health program will bring to bear extensive expertise in the following areas:

By identifying the treatments that reduce health care costs and produce the best outcomes (cost-effective health care), C-MORE will provide U.S. policymakers with the information and evidence they need to promote equity, accessibility, and quality of care.